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School Database Management and Information System.


School Database Management and Information System

School Database Management System designed for Preschools, Primary, and Secondary Schools. With features such as instant class lists, performance analysis, and pupil ranking, this system promises efficient school management. The elimination of teacher schedule clashes, quick result sharing, and reduced calculation errors contribute to a hassle-free experience.

πŸš€ Saves You Precious Time
🎯 Efficiency and Accuracy - Be Smart
πŸ“Š Streamlined School Management and Administration
πŸ” School Data Security and Storage - Your Shield for Decision Making
πŸ‘ͺ Strengthen Parent/Stakeholder Relations
πŸ“š Boost Academic Performance
πŸ’° Cost Reduction - Saving You Money!
πŸ“ˆ Boost Your Revenue - Skyrocket School Income!
Generate Professional Report Forms for pupils automated ranking, grading, commenting and design.
Take Attendance
Take pupils daily class attendance effortlessly.
SDMIS Analysis
Analyse pupiil performance in tests using graph and charts.
Free GI Schools Online Website.
Take you school online, publish results, conduct lessons, provide learning resources, etc

Future is brighter when you’re more prepared

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork, juggling endless spreadsheets, and struggling with the complexities of school administration? Say hello to SDMIS – the game-changer for Preschools, Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools!

01Track Pupil Academy performance and records.

Seamlessly handles staff records, monitors pupil performance, and incorporates a sophisticated library management feature, securing the digital future of schools. The system prioritizes security, ensuring the safe storage of vital records, including pupil, teacher, and performance data.

02Happy parents and other stakeholders

Imagine happy parents receiving timely results, engaging in meaningful discussions, and schools gaining credibility through easy online access. Academic success is facilitated by motivated parents, smart teacher interventions, diligent pupils, and educators with ample preparation time. The system facilitates ranked results on notice boards and transforms the library into a knowledge hub.

03Empowering schools in the 21st Century

Gisoft Zambia SDMIS Version 1.2 brings education to the digital forefront with a highly customizable website, enabling result checks, resource access, live lessons, and online classes. This innovation streamlines processes, cutting costs from ID creation to report and notification sending, even meal cards. The automated Student/Pupil ID maker not only enhances efficiency but can increase school revenue.

Seize control of school efficiency and performance today

No need for monthly commitments or recurring expenses, providing an affordable solution for schools.
SDMIS Library

SDMIS is loaded with a full library management system

Track library check in and out history, catalogue of books, lending of books, etc
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